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Weekly Workout: Monday

This week, we’re posting a little something every day to help keep you motivated to improve your health and fitness. Although they might seem like small, inconsequential little tips, sticking to a routine to help you achieve your ultimate health goals can make a huge difference over a long time. Use this first week as a […]


Want To Make A Difference?

Looking for a way to eat healthily and help the environment? Meat Free Monday is an charitable organisation headed by Paul and Stella McCartney that encourages people to go one day a week without meat. Many of the world’s leading health organisations now encourage a reduction in the amount of meat people consume. The World […]


Do It Now!

Think you don’t have the time to work out? It’s the oldest excuse in the book. Try this mini work-out, doing each exercise for just ONE MINUTE to get your blood pumping and calories burning. Best thing about them? You can do them from anywhere! MARCH IN ONE PLACE JOG IN ONE PLACE JUMPING JACKS LONG JUMPS […]



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