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Best Foods To Aid Weightloss

When you start your journey to a healthier lifestyle, (whether that be losing weight, toning up, increasing your energy or even simply your confidence) one of the best things you can do to avoid temptation is to restock your kitchen with foods and items that include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, canola oil, nuts […]


Transformation Tuesday

From all of us at SMT, there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than seeing some of the amazing results from our SMT customers. Our beautiful community works hard to achieve their health goals, and we’re so proud to share it to inspire others to accomplish their own. Results and personal goals vary immensely, and any change where our […]


The newest supplement?

There’s always a new & exciting nutritional or beauty supplement available on the market, and the latest that has us talking is Silica. As we get older, the source of silica in our bodies becomes exhausted, resulting in wrinkles, dry skin, dull lifeless hair, and brittle nails and bones. Maintaining collagen underneath the skin augments elasticity […]


What Are They?

We hear hear word “Superfood” being thrown around everywhere, but what does it actually mean? Superfoods are a very special category of foods found in nature. By definition, they are calorie sparse and nutrient dense, meaning they pack a lot of punch for their weight as far as goodness and nutritional content goes. They are superior sources of anti-oxidants […]



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