Jan Challenge Day 2 | Time Your Water Intake

Did you know that the human brain alone is composed of 75% water, while our skin is 70% water? It is because of this that when we are dehydrated we often get headaches and dry skin. For these reasons keeping hydrated is extremely important! The exact amount of fluid you personally need can depends on a variety of factors which are outlined below.

  • your age – this affects how well your body is able to balance water and salts, and as you get older you store less water 
  • the amount of physical activity you do – you need to drink more if you exercise more 
  • the climate – you need to drink more if it's hot and you're sweating water out of your body 
  • if you’re pregnant – you’re more likely to develop constipation during pregnancy so you need to drink more 
  • your diet – if you’re following a special diet or very low-calorie diet, you need to drink more

Be sure to factor in these to manage your water intake effectively.

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