Jan Challenge Day 26 | Make your own lunch

Making your own lunch provides a chance to eat a bit healthier, save a bit of money, and avoid the lunch hour rush that takes up most of the time you have to actually eat.

What are my reasons for eating lunch at my desk?

  • I save money
  • I eat a healthier lunch that is home-made, not heavily fried or processed with extra calories
  • I spend my lunch time reading websites and doing work that I enjoy doing
  • I feel proactive in that I have a solid hour to accomplish tasks (like paying bills)

How am I saving $4,800 a year?

The maths are quite simple. In a 52 week year, on average I will work 48 weeks of the year (4 weeks annual leave).

Of those 48 weeks, I would on average spend $20 a day on lunch (which includes coffees, soft drinks, bottled drinks, snacks and lunch itself). $20 a day over 28 weeks equates to $4,800 a year on food spending at work.

Don’t spend $20 a day on lunch? See the below chart on how much it costs you per year based upon your daily food budget.

  • Spend $5 a day on lunch = $1,200 a year
  • Spend $10 a day on lunch = $2,400 a year
  • Spend $15 a day on lunch = $3,600 a year
  • Spend $20 a day on lunch = $4,800 a year



  • Sharon

    No bowel movement for 4weeks

  • YOhanna VArgas

    How many, candles in the month can you phone me that

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