10 Easy Skincare Tips

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1. Wear Sun Protection Daily

Even if you are only spending a short amount of time in the sun or if it is an overcast day the ultraviolet rays can still cause damage to your skin. This damage from the sun is cumulative so it is best to wear sunscreen daily, as continued exposure to the sun will cause damage irreversible damage to your skin. 

2. Always Remove Your Make Up

When you sleep in your makeup the dirt and oil that builds up on the surface of your skin can clog your pores—which can lead to breakouts. It also does not allow your skin to breath. 

3. Invest In A Great Moisturiser 

The best moisturizers are the ones that support your skin’s natural healing and hydrating process. When purchasing a moisturiser look for the following 3 ingredients: Humectants, Occlusives and Emollients. Humectants to attract moisture to the surface of your skin. Occlusives which sit on the top of your skin and help to keep in the moisture and Emollients which help to fill in the cracks the surface of your skin, which makes your skin feel smooth. 

4. Eat With Your Skin In Mind

The more research is done into our diet it becomes increasingly clear to the effects our diet has on the health of our skin. It is important to keep your diet clean to keep your skin healthy and prevent breakouts. Some of the best foods for your skin include fatty fish, Avocados, Walnuts, Green vegetable, Berries and Dark Chocolate. 

5. Get A Good Nights Sleep 

Make sure you get at least 8 hours sleep a night so that your skin has time to recover. During deep sleep, your growth hormones rise allowing your body to repair damaged skin damaged cells. Also, it is important that you keep your pillowcase clean, we suggest washing them at least once a week. 

6. Exfoliate Weekly 

Everyone can benefit from gentle exfoliation. We recommend exfoliating weekly for best results. Exfoliating clears your pores and excess build up of dry skin. If you make exfoliating a part of your skincare routine will help brighten up your skin and reduce breakouts from clogged pores. 

7. Take a Multivitamin

Our skin benefits from taking a multivitamin daily as the added nutrients will help to encourage cell maintenance and repair. To keep our skin healthy we need an array of vitamins and minerals. If you multi does not include Zinc it is a good idea to take this separately. 

8. Treat Your Neck As An Extension Of Your Face 

Treat your neck as an extension of your face as the skin on your neck and upper chest areas is very sensitive and is prone to damage. This damage includes dryness, sun spots lines and wrinkles. So next time you are moisturising or putting on sunscreen make sure you include your neck. 

9. Never Use Hot Water On Your Face 

When you use hot water on your face you are stripping your skins natural oil and it can also damage fragile capillaries which can cause redness. So make sure when you are in the shower that the water in too hot so it does not cause any damage. 

10. Get A Facial Once A Month 

It is good to get a facial once a month as your esthetician can get up close and personal with your skin and see what areas need more attention. Then they can help you customize your skincare routine to target problem areas.  


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