Best Ab Workouts for Tummy fat

Just because summer is over doesn’t meant we have to say goodbye to our bikini body.  Continue with our amazing tummy tightening workout to maintain your amazing bikini body.


  1. Plank to Side Plank
    Position your hands under you shoulders, arms straight and legs extended behind you, feet hip-width apart. This the the Plank Position (A).  Bring your left palm to the centre of the mat and roll onto the outer edge of your left foot.  Stack your right foot on top of your left.  Extend your right arm up and hold for 8 breaths (B).  Then return to Plank Position.


  1. Chaturanga to Plank
    From Plank (A), bend your elbows 90 degrees, keeping your upper arms close to your body and lowering your shoulders to elbow height. Your upper back should be broad and the tips of your shoulder blades should be drawn down your back (B).  Return to plank.


  1. Forearm Plank
    Place your forearms on the floor shoulder-width apart, elbows directly under your shoulders. Make sure your toes are curled under, your legs are extended straight behind you and your feet are hip-width apart.  Your body should form a straight lin from head to heels.  Brace your abs and hold for 1 minute.


  1. High boat, Low boat
    Sit upright on the floor, then lean back, extending your arms straight in front of you and lifting your legs together off the floor. This is high boat (A).  Hold for 3 breaths, then lower your back and legs towards the floor without letting them touch it.  This is low boat (B). Hold for 3 breaths; return to high boat. Repeat 10 times.


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