5 Things Healthy People do Everyday

Are you wanting to change your lifestyle but overwhelmed with all the information out there?  This is why we have shared the top 5 things healthy people do everyday.


  1. Stay Hydrated
    Water is essential for a healthy individual, and plays an important role in energy production. Our body is not able to work at its full capacity unless it is well hydrated, dehydration can prevent the flushing of toxins, production of energy and impair kidney function.  Do your body (and health) a favour and keep yourself hydrated, consume 2-3 litres of water daily.

  2. Keep your teeth Clean
    Our mouths can be home to millions of bacteria, giving them a direct ride into our body through the mouth! These bacteria can cause inflammation, disease and dental decay.  You need to make sure that you keep the bacteria in your mouth limited, this can be done by regular brushing flossing and oil pulling!
  1. Set Positive Intentions
    There are various mental techniques out there to help people achieve success and vitality, these techniques can encourage health, happiness and performance. Techniques such as practising mindfulness, meditation and visualizations and affirmations are proven successful techniques.  Try them today!

  2. Have a (healthy) treat daily
    Its ok to live a healthy lifestyle and indulge a little, avoiding treats al together can lead to binge eating or orthorexia! All work and no play makes life a little dull, hear are some healthy treats you should enjoy:
  • Raw dessert
  • Cup of coffee
  • Massage
  • Mani/ Pedi
  • Essential Oils
  • Detox Bath Soak
  1. Eat more Green!
    Green foods are almost certainly the be all and end all of a healthy lifestyle! Nutrient dense, easily digested, full of natural energy and detoxifying, why wouldn’t you add a cup of green to you breakfast, lunch and dinner!  Green veggies are satisfying and when eaten regularly can assist with weight loss and maintenance.


The ‘SkinnyMe Bikini Body Program’ (8 weeks) and the ‘SkinnyMe Detox Program’ (4 weeks) have been designed specifically to work in conjunction with our signature 14Day and 28Day Teatox, combining nutrition and exercise to maximise the weight loss and detoxification effects.

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