The problem with sugar-free sweeteners

Every morning when you order a coffee at your local you are faced with quite a few choice with how you wish to sweeten your coffee, there is artificial sweetener, raw sugar, refined sugar, honey, coconut sugar etc.  Now we understand that not all places have all these sweeteners/options however, it Is increasingly prevalent that they all have some form of artificial low calorie sugar.  I mean who wouldn’t choose zero calories of sweetness over the sugar rich alternatives?


Do we really know what is in sweeteners and the effects they have have on our bodies? Would normal sugar be better for us? Or natural sweetener alternatives?

Studies done on lab rats where they consume artificial sweeteners show results where symptoms experienced include a wide range of issues including shrunken thymus glands, enlarged livers, kidney disorders, cancers and infertility.  In the short term the effects on humans can include digestive disturbances, bloating, weight gain and even anxiety. 


So how do we avoid artificial sweeteners? And what is the best sweetening option for our coffee (baking and cooking)?  Always read the labels and nutrition information of your products, if there are long, confusing chemically names, its best to avoid.  “sugar-free”, “no added sugar” “light” or “low calorie” are all indicators that it is an artificial sweetener.  Your best option for sweetening your coffee is a beautiful naturally sweet raw honey or maple syrup, coconut sugar or rapadura.


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