10 ways to avoid toxins and detox your life

  1. Eat Organic Where Possible
    Avoid pesticides by eating organic foods and produce.
  1. Indoor Plants
    Plants are one of the best ways to clean the air inside your home or office.

  2. Support your Immune System
    Keeping your immune system in good order will help you fight off whatever the world throws at you. Exercise, reduce stress, eat lots of greens and eating probiotics will all help support your immune system.

  3. Cull toxic products.
    Parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate and other harmful chemicals can be present in most store bought personal care products/ Making your own makeup, perfume and shampoos and toothpaste will ensure you are not exposing your body to these toxins.

  4. Food Storage, Packaging and Cookware
    Keep your food in BPA-free plastic, glass or other safe containers, and you will stop toxins from entering your leftovers.

  5. Drink Water
    Keeping your cells hydrated is extremely important for every bodily function, including our immunity.

  6. Use Natural Cleaning Products
    Go chemical free and feel the difference.

  7. Avoid processed Foods
    We don’t know the effects these additives and preservative have on our body, so don’t risk the potential damage they can cause.

  8. Eat Less Meat
    Make Meatless Mondays a commitment to your health! Not only will it save your cash dollars, it will save the environment. Animal fat tissue holds onto toxic chemicals that they are exposed to and ingest.

  9. Get plenty of Antioxidants
    Antioxidants will help your body cope with oxidative stress, that can play a major role in chronic and degenerative illnesses.


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