SMT Healthy Pantry

Your pantry needs to be the core to your health and wellness journey, a well stocked pantry is of utmost importance!  Here are our pantry essentials for your new healthy and wellness routine.  Let this be a guide as to how easy it is swap your unhealthy ingredients for healthier whole food options that will support your body and promote health. 



Organic full cream milk, coconut milk, almond milk or brazil nut milk

White Bread

Almond flour loaf, buckwheat wraps, buckwheat pancakes, millet bread, pumpernickel bread, sprouted bread


Buckwheat, quinoa or millet porridge, sprouted cereal


Organic butter, hummus or mashed avocado


Spiralized raw vegetables, brown rice pasta, buckwheat pasta

Chips and Biscuits

Activated nuts, buckwheat crackers, kale chips with sea salt, organic popcorn, organic corn chips

White sugar

Raw honey, coconut sugar, pure maple syrup, rapadura, whole leaf stevia

Iodized table salt

Unrefined sea salt, Himalayan sea salt, seaweed flakes, miso, tamari

Coffee and Black tea

Chamomile, jasmine, nettle, mint, green tea, roasted dandelion root tea or organic mycotoxin-free single origin coffee


Freshly squeezed juices, sparkling water, kombucha, coconut water or coconut kefir


Superfood smoothies, freshly squeezed vegetables and fruit juices

Beers, spirits and sweet mixer drinks

Organic wine, sake rice wine, honey, mead, live fermented beer

Meat & Chicken

Organic, pasture raised, pasture finished beef and poultry

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