8 Ways to reduce stress levels

Stress is something we all experience at times in our life, some individuals experience it more than others.  When you become stressed over an issue it is hard to take your mind off the problem, which usually caused you to become more stressed out.  Stress has been linked to numerous health issues, this is why it should not be so easily dismissed.  If you stress daily, you will have an understanding of the negative impact stress can have on your health, career and relationships.  We have provided 6 simple techniques you can apply the next time you start to feel stressed out. 


Our stress management techniques include:


Avoid stress: We know its easier said that done, but try to avoid stress by being organised and prepared.


Avoid stressful people: There are some people out there who are stressed by nature, they find it difficult to unwind and enjoy the simple things.  Trying to avoid these people as much as possible can add a surprising decrease to your stress levels.


Be assertive: When you have too much on your plate its important to assess the situations and say no.  You do not need to take on anymore responsibility.


Know your environment: You cannot control everything in your environment but you can avoid watching things that may stress you out or social situations that make you uncomfortable. 


Sleep it off: You need to make sure you are getting enough sleep as lack of sleep can increase your stress levels dramatically.


Reduce stress triggers: Caffeine and alcohol are popular triggers for most individuals, you don’t have to avoid these things altogether, however if you suffer from high stress levels it is worth taking a look into.


Share the burden: Speak up and ask for help when you need it.  There is no shame in asking for help


Live Healthy: A healthy diet and regular exercise regime with help improve and reduce your stress levels.



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