Homemade Hair Treatments

Making sure your hair is always looking it’s best buy colouring, straightening, curling, blow waving and adding an abundance of styling products (hair spray being the absolute worst) can seriously take it’s toll!

So every now and then it’s important to put back in what you’ve been taking out and feed those locks!

Here are our 10 best tips to bring your tresses back to life!


  1. Get your hair cut regularly to limit split ends, even if you’re trying to grow it, as split ends will ensure it doesn’t!


  1. Never tie your hair up when it’s wet. Hair is at it’s weakest when wet, so avoid breakage by ensuring your hair is at least 80% dry before tying it up.


  1. Try to only wash your hair every 2 – 3 days to get it to produce it’s own natural oils. Washing your hair daily can strip your hair and scalp of natural oils which you need to maintain healthy hair.


  1. Put your leave in treatments in your hair when your hair is 80% dry, as it will actually absorb more.


  1. Enhance protein in your hair by adding a raw egg to your shampoo. Mix well with shampoo and apply to damaged hair for 5 minutes then rinse well.


  1. Leave a deep conditioning mask in your hair for at least 30 minuets (or overnight) once a week. Make your own by using coconut oil, argan oil or shea butter!


  1. Protect your hair with apple cider vinegar before or after swimming. Combine a quarter of a cup of apple cider vinegar with three quarters of a cup of water


  1. Protect your hair from prolonged sun exposure by wearing a hat or using a UV protectant spray as even hair can suffer sun damage.


  1. Rinse your hair with beer if you have dry or frizzy hair or to increase shine and strength. Dark ale is best as it contains lots of nutrients. Ensure the beer is flat and room temperature. Shampoo hair, rinse and coat with one cup of beer, leave for a few minutes, rinse and condition as per normal.


  1. Use a humidifier. Home/office heating and dry climate can dry out your hair so put the moisture back into the air by using a humidifier.



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