Why you need to avoid “Fat Free” foods

Foods can be naturally low in fat, and these foods are fantastic, the fat free foods we are talking about are the chemically processed foods where fat is removed and replaced with other nasty ingredients.  There are so many chemicals pumped into them in order to make them last longer, taste better (though this is debatable) and become ‘fat free’, that what you are eating is so far removed from its natural state that it is actually quite disturbing.


Fat free products may seem like a good idea if you are being cautious and restricting your calorie intake but do not be fooled by their fat free labeling.  What the products forget to mention on the labels is that the product is most likely full of processed sweeteners and sugars.  Swapping fats for sugar can put a real speed bump in any progress and have a negative impact on your health. 


Goods fats are essential in our diet and play an important role in healthy nerve, brain and heart function.  Next time you are in the yoghurt aisle and not sure what to choose always choose the most natural product.  This can be done by looking in the ingredients list and making sure none of the ingredients are numbers or chemicals, more often that not the healthy products will be natural and WILL NOT have “fat free” on the label.

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