Our Top 6 Motivational Tips


  1. Set yourself a goal that is, with persistence and work, achievable. Don’t set the bar so high that you’re tripping over yourself to reach it. You may want to set goals that help you to achieve your ultimate end result target. E.g. If your goal is to lose 4 kilograms by the end of the month, then set a few little objectives to achieve this, such as to go for a walk every morning before breakfast, don’t order take away and do 10 burpies once a day, etc. You can set yourself a long term goal, but have little marker aims along the way to ensure your progress is coming along at the pace you need it to in order reach your long term goal.


  1. Challenge yourself. Whether you sign up to do a fun run, triathlon, juice cleanse or detox, it’s important to test your limits and see what you can do. This can be much easier if you commit to it with a friend or family member. It can also help you commit to breaking certain bad habits/behaviors by keeping you on the right track.


  1. Achieve together! If you can find a friend, family member or group that are working towards the same or a similar goal, then get together for support! Not only do you have someone you can call when you’re feeling unmotivated or your will power is fading but also, you’ll be less likely to give up, no one wants to let the team down! If your objective is to do with health or weight loss, etc., you can make your workouts, markets trips and detoxes into a social occasion! No need to down martinis all night long with your best gal pal (resulting in an aching head and an empty wallet the next day) head to the spa instead for a detoxifying body wrap or enjoy a delicious, nutritious breakfast out and about to catch up!


  1. Don’t get to use to your routine. If you’re finding yourself getting bored of doing the same workout at the gym or cycling the same bike track everyday then change it up, go rock climbing with a friend this weekend, try a kick boxing class or have a crack at that hot yoga class your colleague has been raving about for months. The same goes for meal times, yes, kale salad for lunch every day is safe and healthy, but it isn’t really something to remain excited about. Try alternating your meals and swap your usual lunch for tasty seared tuna rice paper rolls, spicy tomato soup, salmon frittata or chilli chicken and wild rice salad!


  1. Treat yourself! When you have done a good job it can be a good idea to reward yourself, and when you finally reach your goal, mark your success and be proud of it! Little rewards along the way can be something to keep you going. Say you’ve remained focused, determined and motivated all week, why not congratulate yourself with a massage or a new nail polish. When you reach that final target don’t be shy, congratulate yourself and let your loved ones know you achieved what you set out to do, they’ll be happy for you and that positivity is great! If you set out to lose weight then treat yourself to a new outfit or if you completed the marathon then go have a relaxing day at the beach or spa!


  1. Don’t ever stop making goals. Goal setting helps you achieve your dreams by providing vision, motivation and structure. Having an objective can assist you with every aspect of your life, your health, relationships, career, etc. Writing them down, having a target date and reviewing them regularly can be one of the best tools for success!

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