15 Simple Swaps That Could Change Your Life



  1. Swap running on a flat treadmill and increase the incline for more of a work out!
  2. Swap your office chair for an exercise ball, it’s great for your posture, balance and muscles.
  3. Ditch the predictable dinner and movie date and do something fun and active like rock climbing, indoor trampolining or hiking to the perfect picnic spot!
  4. Switch to olive oil and balsamic instead of sugar and fat laden salad dressings.
  5. Don’t deep fry, pan fry instead for a healthier, and just as delicious alternative.
  6. Mustard, not Mayo! Mustard is a far healthier alternative to mayonnaise and tastes just as good in sandwiches or on chips.
  7. Use a medium/small sized plate rather than a large one as a large plate encourages you to eat more.
  8. Swap your energy drinks for a quick power nap. Energy drinks are full of nasty additives, colours, and flavourings and are loaded with sugar.
  9. Substitute butter and cream with avocado instead! You can actually use avocado instead of butters and creams in baking, desserts and smoothies, etc.
  10. People say it all the time; so we’re going to say it again, take the stairs, not the escalator or elevator!
  11. Trade in the take away and eating out for cooking at home. When you cook at home you know exactly what’s in it and the not so healthy options are too tempting when eating out! Instead of buying yourself an egg and bacon roll with your morning coffee on the way to work, make a batch of vegetable and egg muffins on the weekend, for a delicious and nutritious on the go breakfast. Ditch the quick take away lunches and meal prep yourself a healthy salad and some baked chicken or tofu every few days. In the mood for fish and chips? Grill your own fish and bake some delicious sweet potato chips sprinkled with Himalayan pink salt and coriander/parsley.
  12. Exchange flavoured yoghurts and sour creams, etc. for Greek Yoghurt. You can use it to make icing for cakes, dressings and dips, also, you can add a dollop to soups and curries or just eat by itself!
  13. Switch to sparkling water rather than sodas and store bought juices. With far less calories and sugars, you’ll certainly feel the difference. You can even add sliced fruit and fresh herbs for added flavour!
  14. Forgo white rice and use brown rice instead, or even better, try black rice or wild rice - which is not actually rice but an aquatic grass, which has a lovely nutty flavor, is rich in protein and full of antioxidants!
  15. Change the habit of eating in front of the TV and make mealtime special. Sit down at the table and enjoy your meal and the company! Eating in front of the television takes your mind off your food, which leads to overeating as you’re not thinking about whether you’re full or not. Also, don’t forget to leave the serving dishes up at the kitchen, having them in front of you at the table can encourage you to eat more.

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  • Julia P

    Great ideas!! I already use mustard instead of mayo, and avocado instead of butter, I do really love avocado. Wild rice would be a good option to try soon, as well as preparing food to take to college

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