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Plank It Out

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Planks are without a doubt the best core exercise there is.  When you add a movement (like raising an arm off the ground) this will increase the challenge and gets your legs, glutes, back, shoulders and arms in on the action.


Try the routine below, 2-3 times a week, doing 10-15 reps of each exercise, movin straight from one to the next.


  1. Plank row and kickback.

Start in a plank position with your right hand resting on a dumbbell.  Row the weight to your chest, pause, then straighten your elbow until your forearm is parallel to the floor.  Pause, then reverse the movement to return to start.  That’s 1 rep. Complete all reps then switch sides and repeat.


  1. Plank with front raise.

Start in plank position with your right hand on your dumbbell.  Extend your right arm straight, out in front to shoulder height, keeping your hips parallel to the floor.  Lower slowly back to start. That’s 1 rep. Do all reps, then switch sides and repeat.


  1. Rotating T Extension.

Start in plank. Rotate your torso to the right, raising your right arm toward the ceiling as you roll onto the outside of your left foot and inside of the right.  Pause, then reverse the movement to return to start. Repeat on the other side. That’s 1 rep.


  1. Mobility Plank.

From plank, bring your right knee towards your left elbow. Pause, then push right foot back, keeping it raised off the ground at hip height.  Pause, then lower foot back to plank. Repeat on left. That’s 1 rep.


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