Stretch your muscles

Every time you go to a yoga class or warm up before exercise do you ever wonder exactly what muscle you are stretching?Or perhaps one of the muscles of your back is tight and you want stretch it out but don’t know what stretch to take?  We have 8 common stretches and a break down of exactly what muscles you are working.


  1. Camel Pose
    Muscles used: Rectus abdominus and external obliques
  2. Wide forward Fold
    Muscles used: Adductor and hamstrings.
  3. Half Kneeling Quad / Hip Flexor Stretch
    Muscles used: Psoas and Quadriceps
  4. Wide side lunge pose
    Muscles used: Adductors
  5. Butterfly stretch
    Muscles used: Adductors
  6. Forearm Extensor Stretch
    Muscles used: Forearms
  7. Lateral side flexion of the neck with hand
    Muscles used: Sternoclenoidmastoid and upper traps
  8. Lateral shoulder stretch
    Muscles used: Deltoids
  9. Childs Pose
    Muscles used: Latissimus dorsi
  10. Deep squat
    Muscles used: Glutes


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