Healthy eating Substitutes

If you’ve ever craved a certain food or a certain food group, congratulations, it means you’re human. However, giving in to those pesky cravings can sometimes really put a dampener on our efforts to eat healthily. Here are some substitutes to try next time you feel a craving coming on:

Craving something rice-based?

Rice —> Quinoa

Craving a sandwich? 

Sliced Bread —>  Pita Bread

Craving something mashed?

Mashed Potato —> Mashed Cauliflower

Craving Mexican? 

Flour Tortilla —> Corn Tortilla

Craving Dips & Toppings?

Sour Cream —> Greek yoghurt

Craving a thirst quencher? 

Fruit Juice —> Juice Water

Craving a sandwich topping? 

Mayonaise —> Mashed Avocado

Craving Fries?

French Fries —> Sweet Potato Fries

Craving Pizza? 

Tomato Sauce —> Freshly Diced Tomato

Craving Pasta?

Regular Pasta —> Wheat Pasta

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