Going Back To School (Or Work) Lunches!

We love this article about we stumbled across from Sophie Guidolin that talks about all things lunch-packing! We love some of the tips she suggests for making lunches for her kids, but we think there are some fantastic ideas for work lunches too!

1- Ensure you have a good lunch box, I’m not talking a ben 10, or princess one. Although- these are a serious consideration point when you are 5.  I’m talking one that is sealable, big enough to actually have food inside and can store an ice pack.

2- Use leftovers! Chances are if you’re children gobbled down last nights dinner of homemade chicken balls, they will for lunch too!

3- Get your children to pack their lunch with you, that way they can choose the foods they like and if they don’t eat it, they chose it!

4- Ensure you have enough food to provide choices. School is a long day, there is nothing worse than feeling hungry, so even if your children doesn’t get through it, over compensate- rather than under!

5- Ice packs! In Australia (especially in Summer) the heat can mean that there runs a risk of food spoiling. Put an ice pack in, especially if you are selecting meats.

6- Muffins. People think of unhealthy, sugar loaded sweets when they hear the word muffins, in my latest release ‘My kid’s eat’ I have a whole section of different muffins, including savoury muffins. These make great lunch box ideas!

Add in left over tuna mornay or spaghetti bolognese for the ultimate lunch box idea!

7- Think outside the box- a sandwich and chips are not compulsory items. Make chia seed puddings, chicken burritos or sweet potato chips!

8- The basis I use to ‘build’ my children’s lunch boxes is to start with a protein source, say chicken breast, create a meal- say a burrito with avocado, tomatoes, lettuce and chicken, wrapped up. Add in fruit, a vegetable- say carrots, cucumbers or celery and add in a baked good to finish!

9- Have fun with it, wrap the baked goods in wrapping paper, or put a lego man in there.

10- Lastly, Your child’s lunch box is what they eat from 5 days a week for 12 years. You wouldnt through a packet of chips on the table for dinner, so why do it for lunch? A few extra minutes of planning will make for less health problems in the future!


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