10 Best Anti-Bloat Foods

Some of the causes of bloating include overeating, lack of sleep, food allergies, lactose intolerance, indigestion and PMS. In fact, just thinking about Thanksgiving makes me want to unbutton my pants! But there are serious internal problems that your body might be trying to warn you about through bloating (like irritable bowel syndrome, hernia or giardiasis), so if it’s a common complaint the best way to go is consulting a physician.

If the cause is more likely too much turkey and pie, give your body a break by including more of these anti-bloat foods in your diet.

1. Water. Yep, water is good for everything. Drink it instead of carbonated drinks, and try infused water if you just can’t live without the taste.

Try this: How to make infused water on Hello Natural

2. Raisins. Dried fruits such as raisins are easier for your body to handle and process than raw fruit. They take less space in the GI tract, thus reducing bloating.

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3. Rosemary. The tasty herb will keep your food delicious, but it will also prevent bloating. Swap the pepper, garlic and BBQ sauce for healthy herbs such as this one.

Try this: Winter vegetable pizza with chicken on Hello Natural

4. Banana. Bananas contain potassium, which should be in balance with the sodium intake. If your bloating is caused by salt (processed food, take-out), balance it out with a banana.

Try this: Skinny banana mocha smoothie on Hello Natural

5. Watermelon. Being 92% water, the refreshing fruit has a natural diuretic property and it’s a great source of potassium, both of which aid controlling bloating.

Try this: Watermelon cucumber slush on Hello Natural

6. Celery. The crunchy stalk regulates bowel movements and controls intestinal gas, and it detoxifies the body with its high water content.

Try this: Carrot blast juice on Hello Natural

7. Turmeric. Turmeric is oftentimes used in Asia to treat an upset stomach and debloat, plus it’s flavorful and gives food a nice color.

Try this: Turmeric tea for winter blues on Hello Natural

8. Yogurt. Swap the milk in your smoothies for yogurt, which can improve the symptoms of bloating. It is pre-digested and the milk-sugar is already broken down, making it easier for the body to handle it.

Try this: Mango strawberry smoothie on Hello Natural

9. Rice. Rice and rice flour are good substitutes for wheat, oats, corn and potatoes, since they’re fully digested in the small intestine.

Try this: No fry General Tso’s chicken on Hello Natural

10. Ginger. Debloat by drinking a cup of ginger tea, which helps dispel gas and calm the digestive system. You can also take it supplement form or eat it raw.


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