Top 10 Tips for a Healthy Weight

If you’re somebody who struggles with their weight or want to get healthier,

here are 10 SIMPLE tips to help you reach that HEALTHY weight, as recommended by the Australian Dietary Guidelines:

  1. Enjoy a healthy breakfast
  2. Eat slowly and savour every mouthful
  3. Listen to your body. Stop when, or even before you feel full
  4. Don’t shop when you’re hungry, and use a list
  5. Plan quick and healthy meals for a busy day
  6. When hungry fill up on fruits and vegetables
  7. Be physically active everyday in as many ways you can
  8. Choose water instead of soft drink
  9. Find a friend or family member to support you to be healthy and active
  10. When eating out make healthy choices – choose grilled or steamed foods and avoid creamy sauces

These tips are realistic to implement and so simple! Follow these and you will be living a healthy lifestyle in no time!

Reference: Eat for health Australian Dietry Guideline Summary, Australian Government , National Health and Medicine Research Council, Department of Health and Ageing page 10. (2013)


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