Top 10: Plant Based Protein Sources

Here are some great plant based protein sources for vegans, vegetarians, and for all of those wanting to decrease their meat intake!

So, how much protein do we need daily?

  • Babies need about 10 grams a day.
  • School-age kids need 19-34 grams a day.
  • Teenage boys need up to 52 grams a day.
  • Teenage girls need 46 grams a day.
  • Adult men need about 56 grams a day.
  • Adult women need about 46 grams a day (71 grams, if pregnant or breastfeeding)

Best plant based sources of protein include:

  1. Quinoa – 13g protein per 100g
  2. Hemp Seeds – 37g protein per 100g
  3. Pumpkin seeds – 24.4g protein per 100g
  4. Chia Seeds – 4g protein per 100g
  5. Asparagus – 2.5g protein per 100g
  6. Broccoli – 4.4g protein per 100g
  7. Edamame – 16.4g protein per 100g
  8. Peas – 5.9g protein per 100g
  9. Sunflower Seeds – 26.8 g protein per 100g
  10. Lentils – 6.8g protein per 100g



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