Revolutionise How You Drink Water!

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What is DROP Bottle?

DROP Bottle is a functional bottle company with a goal: to revolutionise the way people drink water and stay hydrated while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Detox Water Bottle. Featuring: 

  • A Modern design // Fashion meets function in this sleek, high-end bottle.
  • Double Walled Borosilicate Glass // A durable glass that can withstand freezing or boiling conditions while also being more environmentally friendly.
  •  A Specialised Stainless Steel Fruit Infuser // For optimal taste, convenience and functionality.
  • BPA Free Materials // No nasty toxins.
  • A Wide Mouth // To fit those big fruit slices.
  •  A Travel Handle // Take your Detox Water Bottle everywhere you go with our on-the-go designed handle lid.


The shipping rate is a $10 flat rate worldwide for 1-2 bottles and $15 for 3+ bottles.


You can shop here:


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  • When is the next release??

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