Daily Detox Tips

Waking up on time

Stop hitting the snooze button, when that morning alarm goes up get out bed and get ready to face the day. Running late due to the snooze button will put your whole day out of whack by adding unnecessary anxiety and fatigue. This feeling of fatigue and anxiousness may lead to down the path of unnecessary snacking and opting for coffee.

 Drinking Detox Water

Consuming detox water will stimulate your digestive system, decrease your livers toxic load, boost enzyme activity and give your body a Vitamin C hit. Check out @DetoxWater on Instagram. 

 Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing involves brushing a plant bristle body brush to stroke your body in an upward movement towards to bodies’ major lymph nodes. This technique stimulates lymph flow and rids the body of waste and toxins that build up daily.

 Scrape your tongue

Tongue scraping morning and night removes bacteria that lead to poor digestion and liver inactivity.   Brush your teeth as usual then scrape the tongue down with a spoon and remove the white film.

 Oil Pulling

Is a technique where you swish 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil in your mouth for 15-30 minutes. The coconut oil will latch on to all bacteria, plaque and all the toxins in our mouth. Make sure you spit the coconut oil down the sink or in the bin, rinse well and say goodbye to all the nasty’s that live in your mouth.

Detox your products

Try and use personal care products that don’t contain any nasty preservatives or chemicals. Detoxing your body from the inside out means looking after our largest organ, the skin. Try DIY home remedies anywhere from shampoo to body scrubs to avoid the harmful ingredients that can come into contact with our skin.

Exercise at any opportunity

Simple changes such as taking the stairs, walking the dog, riding to work or yoga on your lunch break will get your body moving, blood pumping and heart rate rising.   These are simple ways to increase your bodies metabolism that can really add up.

Take a probiotic

Our bodies can sometime struggle to maintain a natural balance. The food and drink we consume all play a role in our bodies ability to maintain a level of gut bacteria. Taking a daily probiotic will help your gut by riding your body of free radicals and dangerous bacteria.

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