Benefits of Shopping Locally

Shopping locally has a variety of benefits for the environment, your health and the local economy. Below are some of the reasons why -

1. Reduced Environmental Impact

Locally owned small business regularly make purchases from nearby land holders or growers.  As they are purchasing locally this requires less transport reducing total low food miles travelled. A food mile is a term that refers to the distance food is transported from when it is grown till when it is purchased. The more food miles a food product has the less sustainable and the less environmentally desirable the food is.

2. Creates more Jobs

Small local businesses are the largest employer nationally. By purchasing from local stores provide more jobs to local residents.

3. Invest in Community

 Shopping locally is an investment in your community and its future.

4. Buy Local, Support Local Economies 

When you buy local from an independent locally owned business (rather than a nationally owned business), a larger portion of your money is used to make purchases from other local businesses, service providers and farmers. This will help to strengthen your economy.

5. Choose your local farmers market

Local Farmers markets make a positive contribution towards the community. Making purchases from your local farmers markets will support Australian farm economies and the farm food production.

Choosing to shop at your local farmers market instead of the local super market not only has economic and environmental benefits it promotes social health and general health.


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