About Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO)

GMO foods refer to all Genetically Modified Organisms. GMO means that the genetic material of an organism has been altered to display the characteristics of another organism - this could be a disease resistance or high yield crop.

The main source of GM foods in Australia is:

  • Imported GM soya
  • Cottonseed oil made from GM cotton
  • Imported GM corn
  • Imported GM sugar beet

Genetically Modified foods were introduced in a bid to improve food production and quality. The alteration of the genetic material of a plant is controversial for some people, modifying the DNA of organisms has unclear consequences. Such modifications have the potential to change the organism’s metabolism, growth rate and potentially external environmental factors.

Potential health risks involved with consumption of GM foods are potential exposure to new allergens as well as the transfer of antibiotic-resistant genes to our bodies. Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a major public health concern, as serious illness and death is conclusive of this.

In Australia GM foods with ingredients, additives or processing aids that contain novel DNA or protein must be labeled ‘genetically modified’. Always read the food labels of the products you eat.

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