5 Ways to Drink More Water

Below are some tips to pimp your water! 

Add your favourite flavours

Add fresh fruit to naturally flavor enhance your water. Follow Instagram @DetoxWater for tips. 

Add some spice

Add Cayenne pepper to your water or crushed red peppers for a metabolism boost!

Always carry a water bottle

Getting into the routine of taking a water bottle with you in your bag will have its benefits. Try leaving one at work, in your car and by your bedside table. This way water is always accessible to you and there to remind you stay hydrated.

Remember, its free!

When you’re out for dinner and lunch instead of having a glass of wine of soft drink with your meal, have a refreshing glass of water. Its free and more healthy!

Add some bubbles

Drinking soda water or sparkling mineral water will trick you into thinking your drinking sugary alternative. Add some sliced citrus fruits to naturally flavor your water and curb your cravings.

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