Detox Your Office Space


A quick fix detox of your office can bring vibrancy, health and fun to your office. Working in a toxic environment can contribute to chronic fatigue, poor eyesight, migraines and anxiety which can put productivity levels at an all time low. Making simple changes to your office is simple and can bring a variety of benefits, below are some examples of how!


Toxic chemicals from carpet, paint, furniture, glues etc find themselves circulating the air we breathe. The simple addition of an air-purifying plant can clear the air. Plants such as aloe vera, spider plant, lily of peace and bamboo palms are a great way lighten up any harsh workplace.

Salt Lamps

Salt lamps emit a beautiful soft light that can be calming and stress relieving. 


Even healthy workplaces sometimes have unfriendly energies. These unpleasant energies can linger around the office, sometimes ruin our mood and keep us from working at our best. Use of crystals around the office is a great way to evade these negative energies. Crystals such as smokey quartz can replace negative energy with clear, clean and uplifting energy.

Superfood Snacks

Sometimes it can be a bad food choice they can bring our mood down and cause even the strongest willed to crumble.   Be prepared at the office with a tasty, nourishing, nutritious snacks that will lift your mood and keep you blood sugar levels stable. Check out our recipes in our SkinnyMe Detox Program here!


Sometimes it’s the simple things such as walking into a beautiful scented room that can instantly lift your mood. Not only can a beautiful beeswax or soy wax candle smell amazing they eliminate toxins from the air!!

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