Favourite Workouts for Toning up

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Toning up our bodies means reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and smoothing out all our bumpy areas. Toning our bodies does not have to be a dream. Simple body weight exercise can easily increase muscle tone and definition without the intense sweaty workouts.


Hip Thrusts

Start by lying on your back placing your legs out flat and your arms laid out to the side. Bend your knees so your feet are flat on the ground/mat and hip width apart, pushing your feet through the floor lift your hips off the mat until your knees torso and chest form a straight line. Squeeze your abs and glutes then release your bottom to the floor. Continue with this until you feel the burn and trust me it will burn.



Bridge is a great exercise where you hold your position for as long as possible to engage your abs. Bridge can be down by starting in a push up position and simply holding this position for as long and possible. Once you can hold no more have a quick break for approximately half the time you held the bridge for. After the break try again and try to beat your previous attempt. You can customize the bridge so you are resting on your forearms and even apply a round weight on bottom to add resistance.




Lunges are a fantastic exercise that work our buns and thighs and believe me you will feel the burn. Start by standing up straight, feet together, with one foot take a big step forward bending your front knee till it is in line with your ankle (be careful not to drop your knee over your ankle), lower your back knee to the ground but do not drop to the floor, squeeze your bottom and push yourself up. You can alternate legs in a static position or you can do a walking lunge. To include your arms, hold a light dumbbell in each hand, this will also help to improve your balance.


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