Quick and Easy Ways To Reduce Stress

Listen to Music

Playing calm music has a positive effect of the body and can lower blood pressure, and reduce cortisol (our stress hormone).   Create a playlist full of calm songs to combat your stress levels at work.

Call a friend

If you’re in a stress full situation and feeling overwhelmed take a moment and call a friend. Sometimes a reassuring voice can put everything into perspective. Good relationships are important to any lifestyle and there’s no time like a stressful situation to remind us of this.

Be Mindful

More of a lifestyle change than a quick fix to stress being mindful can be more effective in the long run. Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation and Pilates are all effective methods of mindfulness that incorporate physical and mental exercises that are preventative of stress.  

Drink Tea

Our Zen Tea is a soothing and relaxing herbal infusion to help you to unwind after a long day or anytime you need a break to clear your headspace. Enjoy a nice, warm cup of Zen Tea infused with chamomile, lemon balm and passionflower extracts before bedtime or whenever you take a break from your day to calm rest your mind and body.




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