Tips To Help Bloating!

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Being bloated is not the best feeling in the world, it can be uncomfortable, unsettling and inconvenient.  Here are some simple tips to help settle your stomach and prevent bloating.

Don’t eat on the go.
When you’re running late for work and having to eat in a hurry you are swallowing large amounts of gas producing air. This will contribute to bloating issues but can be easily avoided, Take time with your breakfast and lunch and chew your food slowly and well.

Drink plenty of water.
Drinking 8 glasses of water a day can assist your body with flushing out the causes of bloating and reduce water retention. Similarly, you can also drink beverages such as tea, if you want mix up your fluid intake!

Limit Sugar Substitutes
Some people have difficulty digesting artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sorbitol. These are found in chewing gums and low calorie sugar alternatives. These sweeteners are known for their ability to cause gas, bloating and diarrheal.

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