Breaking The Sugar Habit!

Recent studies have shown that your sugar addiction could be harder to kick then you think. Sugar addiction has been compared to drug addiction in its highly addictive nature.

3 Major methods have been adopted to beat the sugar habit, all with their own pros and cons that will help you beat sugar.

1. Wean Off Sugar

Sometimes it’s too hard to quit sugar cold turkey.   Implementing a food diary is a good way to stand back and have a look at all the sugar (and hidden sugar) that you eat. Highlight all the sugar you consume in a week and note replacements you can make instead of eating that bowl of ice cream. Swap an apple for a chocolate bar or swap sugar in your coffee with a natural alternative such as stevia. This gradual life style change is not as drastic as cold turkey and the ongoing decrease in sugar consumption has less drastic withdrawal symptoms.

2. Five Step Plan

David Gillespie, author of The Sweet Poison Quit Plan, details 5 key steps to curb your sugar addiction and allow proper preparation to beat the habit. The steps are as follows: have the right attitude; go into this with the right attitude towards your sugar addiction to beat it for good. Stop habit associated with sugar; watching TV at night or going shopping on an empty stomach. Get rid of the sugar you have at home; go on a sugar cull and throw out any foods that may cause you to go on a sugar binge. Have one last celebratory dinner of your favourite sugary treat; this helps you come to terms and say goodbye to sugar for good. Last but not least is to restock your cupboard; come to terms with your new healthy diet and lifestyle by purchasing your new sugar free staples.   This step-by-step plan has proven results, as it does no deprive you of foods such as savory snacks.

3. Cold Turkey

Maybe the sudden realization of your sugar addiction is too much for you to handle. You decide you need a change and you need it now. Cold Turkey is the only way for you and your fine and optimistic at the prospect on never having sugar again. It might take a while for the sugar cravings to suffice but being strong willed and putting mind over matter will provide drastic results. Quitting sugar cold turkey will provide faster results than the other methods and there is no temptation lingering in your pantry for you to fall back on.

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