Mason Jar Spring Herb Garden


Mason Jar herbs are a quick and fun project that can get your home spring ready.  Spring is the perfect time to get back into gardening and Mason jar herb gardens are a fun alternative to an exhausting day in the garden ripping out weeds.

You will need:

  • 4 clean mason jars
  • Perlite
  • Pebbles
  • Herb seeds (basil, oregano, parsley and coriander are perfect)
  • Organic Potting soil


  1. Place perlite at the bottom of each Mason Jar, it should be approx. 1.5cm deep
  2. Place small pebbles on top of perlite, approx. 1.5 cm deep on top on the perlite
  3. Fill the jars with organic potting soil, ensure there is no air pockets by tapping the jar on a bench top do this when half full then once filled to the top with soil
  4. Using your finger put a indent into the top of the soil in the middle of the jar
  5. Add approximately 10-12 seeds into the indented hole and cover with a sprinkle of soil and lightly pat down so the surface is even
  6. Add water until you see it fall to the bottom and cover the perlite
  7. Place on a windowsill away from direct sunlight

Your seeds should start sprouting in a few days.  Make sure you label your herbs so you don’t forget which is which whilst they are growing.  In no time you will have fresh organic herbs you can use for your spring and summer salads.


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