10 Tips For Weight Loss.

In today’s day and age the science of weight loss has been well refined.  Weight loss is never as simple eliminating one food and watching the weight fall off.  Weight loss needs to be seen as a complete lifestyle approach where you accept your new lifestyle by following simple commandments that assist with weight loss and weight loss management.

1/ Drink plenty of water

Be committed to keeping a water bottle on you at all times, keep one at the office, one in the car and one always in the fridge ready to go at home.  2 litres a day is the minimum recommended water consumption and even more when you exercise!! 

2/Eat breakfast

Eating a substantial breakfast every morning within an hour of waking will boost your energy levels for the day and aid with weight loss.  It really if the most important meal of the day, that must contain essential fibre and protein to keep us satisfied until lunch.

3/Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is the time where our body recovers and unwinds from a big day.  This recovery is essential for our body, whether it be recovering from exercise, stress or work sleep 7-8 hours of sleep is recommended for our bodies to perform their best during the day.

4/ Exercise daily

30 minutes of exercise a day is all it takes to maintain and manage weight loss, 1 hour of high intensity exercise 5 days a week is all it takes to assist weight loss and improve

5/ Set goals

Sometimes having large goals to work towards is enough motivation, other times setting mini goals can assist you to get there.  One things for sure, goal setting is going to push your limits, its amazing how rewarding goal setting can be.

6/ Be organised

Meal Prep, exercise diary, goal setting, food diary it doesn’t matter what it takes for you to loose weight but keeping this lifestyle organised and consistent will avoid weight gain and further enhance your results.

7/ It’s a lifestyle, not a diet

Diets are gruelling, hard work, disappointing and stressful your new healthy lifestyle should not be any of these things. 

8/ Think of exercise as an opportunity, not an inconvenience

Take any and every opportunity to exercise, why not ride to work or park your car a few blocks away to help increase your step count for the day.  Don’t take the lift/escalator take the stairs.  Do you have errands to do that are not far away? Ride your bike or walk.  See this chance to exercise as a great opportunity.

9/ Weights and cardio are equally important

You don’t have to choose between the treadmill and the weight stack, like most things in life there is a happy balance between these two exercise methods.  Both have their own strengths and weaknesses and both will shape your weight loss journey.

10/ Be happy

Be happy in your results, your fails, your lifestyle, your changes, your outlook your whole process that made you committed to your health and new lifestyle.


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