9 Ways To Eat Healthier On Holidays

Have you been working out for, what seems like forever to prepare your bikini body for a sun and sand filled holiday?  You’ve come this far; do you really want to ruin everything you worked hard for in the space of 2 weeks? You may not have time, or quite frankly not feel like going to the gym on your relaxing trip so the extra time you put into your diet can help to prevent unwanted weight gain. Here are some simple tips and tricks you can use when eating out on holidays that won’t see you starving.

1/ Always eat a substantial breakfast

The good thing about most holidays is beautiful healthy fruit and breakfast ingredients are usually provided for you at the all you can eat buffet.  Stick to fruits and yoghurts, yes the pancakes and waffles are tempting but they are also high GI which will only keep you satisfied for a short amount of time.  Choose low GI foods such as fruit, muesli, nuts and smoothies that will keep you fuller for longer and prevent you going back for seconds and thirds.

 2/ Choose a salad (with dressing on the side)

When out for dinner look for their tastiest salad, if a garden salad is all thats available choose this and add a fillet of fish or grilled chicken breast.  Ask for the dressing to be on the side so you can control exactly how much is on your food.  They will usually give you a smaller serve on the side then the chef would put in the salad. 

3/ Always keep a bottle of water on you

It is amazing how often we mistake our hunger for thirst.  Sipping on water throughout the day will help us distinguish wether we really are hungry.  It so important to stay hydrated when we choose our sunny holidays; drink plenty of water when in warmer climates to avoid dehydration

4/ Choose sparkling water over soft drink

There is nothing more thirst quenching then an icy cold soft drink on a hot day.  Instead of reaching for a sugar filled soft drink opt for a glass of chilled mineral water and add a wedge of lime or lemon for natural flavour.  Try your best to go all holiday without drinking a soft drink.  Another reason to avoid soft drinks it the high sugar and caffeine content of these drinks also contributes to dehydration.

5/ Do not skip meals

Some people would choose to go to the beach on an empty stomach to avoid any uncomfortable bloating associated with a filling meal.  It is important to not skip any meals as when the hunger really sets in we are likely to choose a high sugar and high fat meal that will provide energy for a quick (but short) amount of time.

6/ Limit alcohol consumption

I’m not saying that you are not allowed to drink a nice glass of wine with dinner however the empty calories in alcohol can really add up.  Be carful with over consumption of alcoholic drinks by drinking a glass of water between each glass.

7/ Pack you own snacks

Bring your own healthy nutritious snack of choice on your holiday with you.  You never know if similar options are available, especially if travelling overseas.  Keep these in your bag and reach for your favourite healthy nutritious snack instead of a packet of chips or candy bars.

8/ Eat early

Try to eat your dinners as early as possible and even potentially go for a walk after.  Dinners that are too close to bedtime mean all this energy (calories from food) will not get put to use and will just be stored on our body.  If you eat early and go for a short walk you are utilizing the energy from your meals.

9/ Use the kitchenette

When booking accommodation find a place with a kitchenette.  You can cook your own locally produced food and not have to worry about the added nasties when eating out.  This will also save you money on eating out, it’s a win win situation.




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