20- Minute Upper Body Burner

I’m not going to lie, this is going to hurt.  This 20 minute upper body workout is designed to burn.

The objective is to do as many reps of each exercise as you can in the given time frame. 

  1. PUSH UPS: 30 Seconds

We all know these, if to difficult put your knees to the ground and do a half push up.

**10-second rest

  1. PLANK TAPS: 30 Seconds

In your plank position, in a controlled movement lift one arm and tap the opposing shoulder.  Keep hips facing the ground and be careful not to rock them.

**10-second rest

  1. PLANK SIDE WALK: 30 Seconds

Start in your plank position with your hands under you shoulders and your body in a straight line and cross your right and left arm over and under each other once and then back the other way.  Walk your feet across for the ride.

**10-second rest

Repeat this circuit 10 times.

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  • emily

    only just done skinnyme tea and it is sersiously awesome, this workout is such a good one!

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