Best Active Holidays


Planning a holiday? Next holiday choose a destination where there are numerous outdoor activities to choose from and keep you busy.  It’s a great way to incorporate exercise into your holiday and you will have heaps of fun whilst doing it!


Hiking is a great all over body workout that gets the blood pumping and burns calories all whilst enjoying the beautiful views and discovering amazing wildlife.  Hiking is a great way to improve your fitness and its amazing how being outdoors can clear your mind. 


Snorkelling is a unique cardio vascular exercise that can improve muscular strength and joint mobility.  Add a day of snorkelling to your next trip for an unexpected workout.  Any under water activity is great for people who suffer from joint pain.

Stand Up Paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is great for anyone wants to  work their abdominals.  SUP requires strength, balance and a lot of patience. You will be using the muscles in your arms, legs and abs to stay up right and move along the water.  SUP is a great exercise when you don’t feel like exercising.


Surfing is a fantastic activity that is great to help improve strength in your back, arms, legs and core whilst improving cardiovascular fitness.  We know it can’t just be picked up in one lesson, which is why it’s a great idea to book a surfing lesson when first starting out.  There are even surfing camps where your whole holiday can be dedicated to mastering this skill; you will be sure to see improvements in your strength and fitness!

Snowboarding & Skiing

Both snowboarding and Skiing are fantastic aerobic sports known for their difficulty and ability to improve fitness levels.  They are whole boy activities that require the use of all the major muscles of the body, especially your legs.  These two activities are great to improve muscular strength in your hamstrings and gluteus; it’s a great lower body toning activity.

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