4 Tips To Stop Mindless Eating


We all have those days where we get pre-occupied or bored and just continue to eat snack after snack until we realise we have eaten the whole pantry.  The good news is there are numerous methods we can adopt to prevent this mindless eating, here are a list of our favourite tips.

Recognise hunger

It is amazing how our emotions can impact our eating habits.  Whether we are bored, tired, stressed or upset somehow our body’s ability to recognize hunger is compromised, this is when we start mindless snacking.  Next time you start crunching on corn chips take a moment and think, am I really hungry?  If your truly starving even the blandest foods start to seem appealing.  Take a moment to drink some water and recognize is this feeling truly is hunger or are our emotions getting the best of us.

Eat slow and enjoy your meal

Rushing down meals? Eating in the car or on the train to work? Do you rarely find time to sit down and enjoy your meal?  Waking up an extra 15 minutes early in the morning can make all the difference.  When we consume our food to fast the signalling pathways that inform the brain you are full get delayed.

Taking your time to consume your meals will give these pathways time to reach the brain and let the body know you are full.  This is why when we eat to fast we can sometime over eat (and feel overly full for a prolonged time after the meal).   A great tip to help you eat slowly and enjoy your meal is to ensure all meals are eaten at the table or for a bit of fun you can eat with chop sticks.

Reward yourself

Create a weeklong plan of your meals and snacks (ensuring they are all healthy and nutritious) and have it in a place you see often (fridge, mirror etc.) for everyday you stick to your meal plan and neglect the unhealthy snacks you get a tick.  If by the end of the week you are all ticks reward yourself with a trip to the day spa or nail salon.  This positive reinforcement is a great motivational tool to create healthy habits, stop eating unhealthily and snacking throughout the day.

Create a relationship with food

Plant a vegie garden, visiting farmers markets, making your own basic food staples such as butter, nut spreads, flours etc. all these activities will rekindle your love of wholesome foods.   Creating this healthy relationship with food will stop you from grabbing that afternoon muffin, which may have been frozen for weeks before you purchased it, and assist you to making more mindless food choices.



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