5 Ways To Reach A Healthy Weight

As all bodies are different it is difficult to define a healthy weight, what matters the most is that you feel confident and happy.  Here are a few tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Exercise - This is no secret, I think we all know the important role exercise plays in weight loss, weight management and overall health.  Just 30 minutes a day is all we need to reap the health benefits. 

    Limit Sugar Consumption - Breaking your sugar habit will be the best thing you can do for weight loss and your health. Sugar is an addictive substance that we crave in our afternoon slumps, but did you know there are many sugar alternatives that can still increase your energy, without a harsh slump in blood glucose levels.  Sugar is high in calories and when consumed in excess can contribute to unwanted weight gain and numerous other negative health issues. Ditching sugar could be the best possible thing you can do for your body. 

    Know your calories calorific needs - Reading the nutrition information panels on the back of your products can sometimes seem like gibberish, all the numbers and symbols, you know you want low sugar and low carbohydrates but you don’t understand. Everyday our bodies require/burn a certain amount of energy, these are the basic bodily processes we need to do our tasks and work.  When energy input + energy output out weight will stay the same, when energy input is greater than energy out put weight will be gained, when energy input is less than energy output this is when we see weight loss.  Understanding the total calories your body needs in a fantastic tool to help you reach a healthy weight.

    Enjoy a variety of high quality foods - No more ready meals from the box, make all your meals from scratch and include a wide variety of lean meats, vegetables, whole grains and good fats such. When you make meals from scratch you know exactly what you are eating, there is no hidden salt or sugar and you’ll be surprised just how tasty and healthy your meals are.  All green leafy vegetables are amazingly nutrient dense and fantastic for fuelling our body.

    Stay Hydrated - It's amazing how often people can mistake dehydration for hunger. Water is the most essential nutrient for our bodies; all the chemical processes and functions that our bodies subconsciously partake in require water (detoxification, carrying nutrients to our cells around the body etc).  Drinking 4 cups of water in the morning as we wake will boost your metabolism and your body’s natural detoxification processes.  Try drinking a glass of water before each meal, this will act as an appetite suppressant, resulting in you feeling fuller quicker. 

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