Staying Hydrated With DROP Bottles


Healthy diets and appropriate hydration go hand in hand.

Water is vitally important when it comes to staying healthy and vibrant. Did you know that you should be consuming approximately 2 liters of water daily?

For some this might seem unachievable, which is why we have compiled 5 great ways to easily stay hydrated:

  1. Coconut Water
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Fermented Drinks
  4. Juices and Smoothies
  5. Detox Water

Our favourite is Detox Waters, we find that they’re a great way to drink more water. They are not only delicious but they are a fun way to make sure you consume your recommended daily water intake.

We have recently released our DROP bottles (@DROPbottle) - bottles with purpose. They are fashionable and functional and are available in 4 different colours.


- Double walled borosilicate glass
- Stainless steel fruit infuser
- BPA free materials (no nasty toxins)
- Wide mouth
- Travel handle

Australia and International Shipping Available:

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