Tips To Get Through SMT Programs

You’ve finally purchased one of the SkinnyMe Programs and are feeling excited to finally start the journey to a healthier you! At the beginning of the Program we know that you have a lot of motivation and this is fantastic, however what’s important is to keep it going once you reach the half way point right to the end. Starting the exercises, you may realise how unfit you are, but don’t worry they get easier, so it is important to keep persisting. If cooking isn’t your strong point our recipes are simple and easy to prepare! Get your family and friends involved and make it a fun experience. We have designed our Programs to fit into your daily routine easily to enable you achieve your goals! If you want to know how to maximise your results from our Programs, we have compiled few tips that we hope you will find really helpful. Even if you aren’t currently completing our Programs these tips will be really helpful no matter what fitness program or schedule you participate in!

Write down your goals.

Ask yourself what do you want to achieve from completing the Program? Are you looking to lose weight, get fitter or live a healthier lifestyle? Whatever the reason, make sure you work towards competing these goals as this will lead to greater success and personal fulfilment.  Without goals it is difficult to stay motivated, after all it is our motivations that drive us to achieve our goals.

Make time and be consistent.  

We all lead busy lives, some of us are juggling a job and family, are studying and need to have a social life at the same time! With so much going on you may feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to make the time to complete the Exercises! However, we don’t achieve anything by making excuses! You have to make your health a priority - you have to make the time! An easy way to do this is to do this is to set aside one time per day, whether it be before work or study, in the afternoon etc., whatever suits you choose a time and stick to it! By doing this you will form a habit and routine around your exercises.

Share that you’re completing the Program.

By publicly sharing you are completing the Program or stating your goals to your partner, friends and family not only do you extend your support network but you also create accountability for your actions. Share this on social media, or simply voice it, whatever you do get excited about it and tell everybody!  Although we are here for you anytime throughout your journey, having that extra support and encouragement from your family and friends is that extra motivator you sometimes need to push you further. Although you have every right to keep your journey private, we find that sharing your experience with others really helps!

Take pictures of your progress.  

Measuring your progress simply by weight alone is not always the most accurate way to determine how well you have done during the program. By taking pictures at the beginning, middle and end of the program you will be really able to see the changes that have occurred to your body! (Don’t forget you will become fitter during the Program and as a result will increase in muscle mass, which can often add weight, which can be deceptive).

Don’t compare yourself to others.

It’s natural for girls especially to compare themselves to each other! But, we also know that every body is different! You might have a completely different body shape to your own sister for example, so what’s the use comparing yourself! This is your journey, we all have different strengths and weaknesses so embrace these. What you achieve during the Program is your own personal success, as long as you give it everything you can this is all that matters.

Be organised.  

A key component of the Program eating the right foods! We have over 150 recipes in our Recipe book to choose from! So, spend some time planning what meals you want to cook during the week and purchase the ingredients before you begin! This way you won’t be tempted into snacking on unhealthy foods or cooking unhealthy main meals. A lot of our recipes, especially lunch and breakfasts can be prepared the night before, so its really handy for those who live a fast paced life – you can simply pre-prepare, take them from the fridge and go!

Embrace the challenge.   

You have purchased Program, so embrace the challenge. Rise to the occasion and make it a priority in your life. Although you may find it difficult at times, use you inner mental and physical strength and overcome the challenge – ring a friend for support, talk to us we can help you though it! Pushing yourself, achieving your goals and committing to something to the end is so rewarding! Most of all by completing it to the end you wont have any regrets such as that little ‘what if’ in you mind, you know that you did the best you possibly could.

Join our online community.  

We have a large online platform to share your progress, or talk to others who are also completing the Program. Use this to encourage and empower each other! If you don’t want to share there are plenty of accounts you can follow or hashtags to look at. Some ones you may love if you haven’t followed them already is @SMTofficial @SkinnyMeTeaResults. We also have a Facebook page – SkinnyMe Tea. We strongly believe you should make sure you surround yourself with people who are going to encourage you and offer you the greatest support possible!


We hope these tips have helped – remember no pain no gain, so next time you are completing our HIIT workouts don’t forget that haha! Completing the Programs should be a fun and enjoyable experience and the more you put into it the better the outcome.


Love SMT xx


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