5 ways to impove your workout


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  • Heather Coene

    I love these tips! I have been having so much trouble getting back into my workouts..I took one week off for recovery and every since (about 3 weeks ago) I have been working out once or twice a week..eek. I will definitely use these tips to keep myself going again, I have a big issue with giving myself time for stretching after I exercise so this will be my number one goal from now on! Thanks so much for the tips!

  • Lacey

    love these tips !

  • Karla

    Always good to get a refresher on these things…tend to forget a few weeks into training!

  • donutlover

    love this blog!

  • MAri

    Thank you, these are some beneficial tips. I would say, it’s important to warm up before the workout and stretch at the end of it to prolong and relax the muscles. I also love to exercise out in nature when possible. I do my cardio in the AM and on the empty stomach, I find this beneficial as it burns your fat and not the muscle.

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