50 Healthy Habits Every Girl Should Have –

  1. Get up early and seize the day
  2. Put down your phone when your out with people
  3. Start participating in ‘Meatless Monday’
  4. Cut out refined sugar
  5. Wear sunscreen daily, especially on your face, neck and chest
  6. Aim to do 10,000 steps a day
  7. Write down your goals and give yourself markers/dates to help achieve them
  8. Try to eat your meals with those around you and not in front of screens
  9. Read the labels of everything you put into or on your body
  10. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
  11. Book in your daily exercises like it’s an appointment
  12. Avoid plastics and use recyclable glass and ceramics instead
  13. Look after and have time for the relationships that are important to you
  14. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily
  15. Have a detox bath weekly
  16. Focus on stretching
  17. Don’t procrastinate, don’t put it off any longer
  18. Try an active catch up or date
  19. Never go grocery shopping when your hungry
  20. Use aluminum – free deodorants
  21. Try to walk all of some of the way to work once a week
  22. When going to bed, leave your phone out of reach
  23. Always practice safe sex
  24. Keep healthy snacks at home and work
  25. Floss daily
  26. Get away from your desk every hour, stretch, walk around, etc.
  27. Practice gratitude
  28. Eat wholefoods as much as possible
  29. Check your bank statements regularly
  30. Take a shot of Apple Cider Vinegar in the morning
  31. Book in the dentist every 6 months
  32. Don’t compare yourself to others
  33. Choose healthy places to eat out
  34. Work out first thing in the morning
  35. Take time out for yourself to de-stress
  36. Drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon every morning
  37. Regularly take your exercises up a notch
  38. Practice positive affirmations
  39. Drink herbal teas, such as green, peppermint or any from the SkinnyMe Tea range.
  40. Brush your tongue when brushing your teeth
  41. Spend more time outdoors
  42. Try to eat local and in-season foods
  43. Get your yearly doctor’s full check up in
  44. Regularly de-clutter your wardrobe/bedroom/house
  45. Try to have 6 alcohol free days a week
  46. Body brush before showering
  47. Meditate
  48. Be mindful of what your eating and where it came from
  49. Don’t smoke
  50. Change your bedding weekly, including pillowcases

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