How To Get A Victorias Secret Body

Lily Aldridge

"I do Ballet Beautiful all year round, but amp it up for the show."

Candice Swanepoel

“I’m fit all year round, but about three weeks before the show I do step it up a bit. I have to eat a lot more, so I can work out a lot more. I like to feel really strong: to have a good bum and strong legs on the catwalk, so I really focus on that.” 

Doutzen Kroes

"When I am in NYC I always go for a run outside, along the Hudson River, and I really love that. But I also do lots of boxing and jump rope training. I love to really sweat and have a tough workout and so my best workouts are mostly cardio. They do good but they make you feel good at the same time." 

Adriana Lima

"I do lots of jumping rope for about a month and a half before the show. I have been doing boxing for over 10 years – it’s a passion of mine. Since you’re not wearing much and you’re on television, you have to pay attention to different areas! I do try to work out every day before the show."

Shanina Shaik

"Before the show I do a lot of pilates work with my trainer and Soulcycle classes for cardio. I keep my workout consistent throughout the year, but definitely increase it for the show."



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