Tips For Running In The Heat

It is definitely much harder to run in hot humid weather when compared to winter weather.  The sun, the sweat, the humidity it all doesn’t mix with a long run.  There are a few simple things you can do to avoid overheating and get the most out of your runs during summer.

Run in the morning

Getting up for an early morning run may seem daunting however as the weather is usually cooler it’s the perfect time to get your run out of the way.  Before the sun rises you can enjoy the warm weather without the sun beating down your neck.

Slow and steady

In the heat it’s a great idea to run for distance for not pace.  Running for distance at a slow pace is a lot less exhausting on the body then a high intensity run.  Aim to keep your heart rate low and your breathing steady.

Wear fewer clothes

Unlike winter where we have to layer up, in summer you should wear as little as possible.   Making sure you wear a light breathable fabric will let your body breath and stop sweat from getting trapped and your body overheating.

Use a beach trail or bush trail

Avoid running on asphalt or concrete as they absorb and radiate heat.  Beach or bush trails provide shade and obstacles that can slow you down and  prevent over heating. 

Use ice to cool off

Have ice cubes in your bra, hat, wrapped in your bandana, anywhere that will assist with cooling your body temperature.  You can buy freezer pack headbands that you freeze and tie around your forehead; these are perfect for long hot runs.

Stay hydrated

Before, during and after, proper hydration is essential for performance and recover.  Whether you map out the drink stations, wear a water belt or prepare days in advance proper hydration is significantly important for running in the heat.

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