7 Simple steps to have to have a happy and healthy mind

Eat Healthy

A healthy body makes a healthy mind, make sure you consume healthy nutrient rich foods that will assist your body in being the best It can be.  Nasty unhealthy foods will only satisfy you momentarily.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water and avoiding drinks that are high in caffeine and sugar.  Drinks that contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar have the ability to alter our mood and energy levels; these effects are only temporary, however by avoiding these drinks your mind will stay clear, happy and healthy.


Just 30 minutes of exercise most days has the ability to improve our mental state!  When exercising our mood is enhanced by exercise-induced endorphins, these endorphins trigger a positive feeling in our body!

Have hobbies

Hobbies give us the opportunity to eliminate ourselves from the stressors of every day life (work, study, health) and enjoy or develop a skill that you are passionate about.  Taking this time and investing it into a hobby will help with stress reduction and management.

Talk to Others

Stay connected to friends and family, it is a very large an important part of social connectedness.  Communicating with others helps maintain strong relationships, some of the best help can come from talking to your family and friends.

Change the scenery

Not all of us can take a holiday when we feel stuck in a routine, however there are simple and inexpensive ways.  Take a different route to work, rearrange your house furniture, clear out your closet or simply go for a scenic drive.

Help others

Caring for others can greatly improve your mental health and allow you to explore feelings you may have grown out of touch with.


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