Summer Body Challenge: Day 25

Day 25 of the #SMTSummerBodyChallenge 

Stop eating when you feel full. We are told from a young age to finish your plate of food, otherwise we are considered rude or ungrateful. Because of this we have become a society of overeaters, consuming more calories per day than the body need, which leading to obesity.  To add to the complexity, many of us rely on external cues to tell when we’re full, such as whether everyone has finished eating, whether your plate was empty or not. These are irrelevant – you should look at internal cues, such as whether your stomach feels full or not. Don’t feel obligated to eat just because there’s still food at the plate. Personally I like to stop when I feel about 3/4 full – if I eat till I’m totally full, I feel uncomfortable as my digestive system goes into overdrive. Use your gut as your indicator (literally).


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