Even with their busy and hectic schedule models still manage to maintain beautiful glowing skin.  Yes, they do have A Grade skin therapist on call for any skin emergency however between the long flights, early morning, late nights and continual application of makeup shouldn’t they be having breakouts?  Here are some tips that their team don’t want you to know.

1.Instant Glow
Lindsay Ellingson explains that her regular yoga class where she practises inversions (where your legs are lifted above you head and weight rests on the arms) is her secret to a natural face lift.  The increased blow flow and oxygen to the face provides a healthy glow.

2.Tightened Skin
Kate Moss admits that after a late night she starts her morning by submerging her face in an ice water bath. It instantly tightens her skin and makes her feel and look more awake than ever.

3.Healthy Skin
Molly Sims secret to healthy skin starts with her diet.  Molly makes sure she eats plenty of antioxidant-rich foods such as goji berries, and flaxseed.  Adding superfoods to her smoothies is an easy and effective way to increase her antioxidant consumption.

Hilary Rhoda adopts a practice that she learnt backstage, the facial massage. A good face massage will get the blood flowing to the skin and it works by waking you up and de-puffs your face.

5. Detoxify
After a long day on the job Lindsey Wixson revitalises her skin with a detox bath soak. It gets rid of all the toxins that build up after a long day of hair and makeup.

6. Angel-Soft Skin
Lily Aldrige likes to raid her kitchen cabinet and make a home-made face scrub using coconut oil and sugar. It acts by moisturising and exfoliating the skin at the same time.

7. Instant Plump
Petra Nemcova ditches her cleansers and uses Manuka honey instead. Manuka honey has cleansing properties as it is antibacterial and makes your whole skin plump overall.



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