10 Beach Hacks


  1. Store you electronics in a sealable plastic bag, this will avoid any spills of lotion, water or even sand from entering your devices and potentially ruining them.
  2. Avoid that awful sandy feeling with baby powder. Simply apply baby powder to any areas with stubborn sand and wipe, the baby powder helps lift the sand.
  3. Cool off with a green tea facial mist. Simply chill a green tea the night before and add to a spray bottle.
  4. Keep glad wrap over the top of bottles to keep them from leaking. Simply unscrew the lid, place a small sheet of glad wrap over the lid and then screw the lid back on. This will stop any spills from ruining the contents of your bag.
  5. Use an upside down fitted sheet to keep sand away. Simply place beach bags in each corner, it will create a barrier between you and the sand.
  6. Wanting to naturally lighten your hair? Add some coconut oil, lemon juice and water to a spray bottle; this mixture will naturally lighten your hair when re applied during the day. Also a fantastic detangler.
  7. Don’t burn your feet; place your thongs face down to avoid burning your feet.
  8. Keep cash in an empty Chap Stick container.
  9. Bring plenty of healthy snacks and water in a mini cooler/esky to enjoy fresh food and cold water all day!
  10. Shave with baby oil before the beach to avoid sand irritating skin.

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