Healthy Baking Substitutes

With the Christmas holidays fast approaching we are willing to do whatever it takes avoid the Christmas weight gain.  Here are a few simple changes you can implement into your Christmas baking to cut calories and avoid fats. 

Flax egg instead of eggs

Flax eggs are fantastic for baking as they act like eggs and bind dry ingredients together.  For e very egg you replace you will need a flax egg, a flax egg is 1 tablespoon of ground flax seed mixed with 2 tablespoons of water.  Let this mixture sit for 10 – 15 minute before you add to your baking mixture, 

Whole wheat pastry flour instead of white refined flour

Using whole wheat pastry flour will add more nutrients (that white flour lacks) to your baking.  Whole wheat pastry flour is preferred to whole wheat flour as it keeps the final product light

Replace vegetable oil with Coconut Oil

Coconut oil does not come in a liquid state however can be melted down (stove or microwave) safely and substituted in equal amounts to vegetable oil.  Coconut oil does not become rancid when heated (like vegetable oil) meaning harmful toxins are not produced during the heating process.  Coconut oil is easily digested by our bodies, rich in antioxidants and contain less of the bad fats that other oils are abundant in.

Use unsweetened apple sauce instead of oils

Perfect for cookies and cakes, applesauce adds a natural sweetness whilst removing fats and oils from baking,

Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream

Perfect for cream based soups and dips, greek yoghurt is low in fat and the perfect substitute for sour cream.  If you want to reduce your fat intake greek yoghurt is recommended.

Replace sugar with stevia or organic honey.

Its no secret that a diet high in sugar will have negative impacts on our health, so where possible it is important to look for substitutes that are still sweet but low calorie.  Sugar substitutes such as honey or stevia are fantastic!  Stevia is low calorie and sweeter than sugar, so you need less.  Honey is also a fantastic natural source of sweetness however you may need to be careful/alter the liquid content in your recipes.


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