8 Rules for Healthy Living

Less soda, more water

Less alcohol, more tea

Less sugar, more fruits

Less meat, more vegetables

Less driving, more walking

Less worry, more sleep

Less anger, more laughter

Less words, more action


  • Putri Saphira

    Without commitment, work hard, and positive thoughts are hard by doing it alone. Therefore ask someone to support you through ups and downs. Love this post ♥️

  • Deni

    I love this, so simple and positive.

  • Emily Q?

    I love this post so much! Mostly because it it straight to the point and it makes you realize how simple it is to make these healthy choices every. single. day.? Thanks for the inspo!!<3

  • Karellpic

    Such a nice post ??

  • Bushra Shehab

    Such a beneficial post! ❤

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